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This Cardboard Box Hack for Working Outside Is Genius

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From Popular Mechanics

  • Working from home means the flexibility to work outside, but laptops + sunlight = glare city.

  • Alas, there is a simple fix: a viral hack that began circulating on LinkedIn a few weeks ago.

  • Just put your laptop inside a cardboard box, and voilà! No more glare.

If you’ve been working from home during the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, your “office” has likely been everything from your bed, to your couch, to maybe a desk. And now that summer is officially here, you can take the office—i.e. your laptop—to your back patio.

The only problem? That annoying screen glare.

Fortunately, there’s a ridiculously simple solution. This viral cardboard hack has been making the rounds online, and now you can try it out yourself.

LinkedIn user Tom Wood shared the genius hack a few weeks ago. All you need is a cardboard box. Just turn it on its side and slide your laptop in it, and you have yourself a DIY sun shield.

Really. It’s that easy.

As far as ventilation, one LinkedIn user commented on Wood’s post, recommending to check the heat outlet that’s usually on the side of the laptop since it “may need a small vent hole in the box to stop the laptop from overheating.”

Another LinkedIn user commented on just how simple this hack is: “I’m embarrassed that I did not already come up with this myself. Amazing.”

Twitter users have hopped on the cardboard box trend, sharing photos of their WFH setups outside. Yesterday, Andrea Mara (@office_mum) posted a photo of her cardboard box setup, writing, “Due to cloud over this afternoon, so using my cardboard sun shield while I can. ‘Box Office’ says the 11-year-old. Indeed!”

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