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Hackers wipe out business data of Surat trading firm | Surat News

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Surat: Entire business related data of a consumer product trading firm in Surat was wiped out by cyber criminals who had demanded US$500 from the firms owner.
Based on complaint filed by Rakesh Popawala of Phoenix Traders a case was lodged with the Cyber Crime police station on Monday.
According to police, the hackers used ransomware to break into the firm’s computer. They then sent an email demanding US$500 from Popawal (55) in September 2019. The hacker told Popawala that his firm’s data will be erased in 50 hours if $500 is not paid through bitcoin. The hacker provided his bitcoin address as well.
The hacker also claimed that he had recording of Popawala’s private moments which he had captured using the office web camera. The accused threatened to send both the videos to all contacts of Popawala through email since he already had access to his e-mail contacts.
The email ID from which the threat mail was sent was deactivated after some time, hence the sender could not be traced. Later, the hacker provided another email ID and threatened to double the amount if the money was not paid in 50 hours.
Popawala claimed in his complaint that he suffered loss and faced difficulties in business because of loss of data.

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