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Best Android antivirus? The top 8 tools


The following are the eight best business-class antivirus tools for Android, according to AV-TEST’s January 2020 evaluations of 17 Android security apps. (The AV-TEST Institute is a Germany-based independent service provider of IT security and antivirus research.)

AV-TEST rates each tool for three areas: protection (six points max), performance (six points max), and usability (six points max). Seven of the products listed here all had perfect scores of 18, while one–Securion OnAV 1.0–lost just a half point.

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The average real-time malware detection rate for all apps tested was 96%. The real-time detection rate of Android malware discovered in the past four weeks was also 96%.

How to use these antivirus test results

Keep in mind that these tests were done in a lab environment. Different enterprise systems with different threat models will see different results for each of the products listed below. In other words, don’t expect that a 100% detection rate in the lab means that a product will detect all antivirus threats on your network. One reason is that it can take days for a newly submitted malware sample to make it into any given antivirus product’s database.

What the AV-TEST results show is which Android antivirus products are consistently the best at the fundamentals of malware detection and have minimal impact on system performance. That makes a good starting point as you evaluate which products work best for your environment.

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